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Good News CD

“We wanted to stay boys as long as possible, because men are so shit. Oh well…’’ 



On Good News, fresh duo Ciao Lucifer (consisting of Marnix Dorrestein and Willem Wits) accepts for the first time in 17 years of friendship that they aren’t boys any more. “It’s too late to die young”, but the lads have their own way of looking at this new future. Because they both had the fear of becoming a ‘Don Draper’ they poured all their emotions, dreams and needs into Good News. With 15 indie pop songs, they describe their ideal form of being a man. Strong and vulnerable, feeling and remarkable, trustworthy and adventurous. All at the same time and coming from the heart. The album sounds uplifting and energetic. A perfect anthem to dance on, listen to or sing along with. When you dive deeper, you hear it has actually quite a serious message, with Marnix and Willem pouring all of their demons in the structures and lyrics of the songs. Marnix highlights: “We’re not too cool to be a ‘feelgood band’. We sing about very personal stuff on the record, but if the end result is that people dance, sing and feel happy, we feel that it’s mission accomplished.’’ When you listen to Good News, there is something to discover for everybody. Oil to loosen those hips, heavy topics to think about or lyrics to sing along to from the get-go.

Good News CD

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