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Ciao Lucifer is an indie pop duo from Amsterdam

Their feel good live show with deep yet danceable songs made them a mainstay act at Dutch summer festivals. They played two headline tours in the Netherlands including a sold out Paradiso. They also did an Indonesian tour and three Eastern European tours.

Ciao Lucifer played on Dutch national radio countless times and three singles from their latest album Good News were playlisted by French radio station FIP.

The band will release a new EP in January 2024.


Even the soundcheck is a show in and of itself.

3voor12, the biggest online indie platform in the Netherlands

Life is a hassle, but hey, we can dance. Because the catchy songs on Good News instantly put you in a good mood.

OOR, the biggest pop magazine in the Netherlands

Ciao Lucifer will make you dance.

Billboard Indonesia


“Quirky pop experiments in which thinking and dancing compete for priority [...] Ciao Lucifer doesn’t leave the stage until they get the whole room dancing [...] Cultural Highlight of 2022-2023” ****

NRC, Dutch national newspaper of record


Links: recent live video | album | instagram |
website | press kit

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