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Ciao Lucifer, indie pop duo band

Ciao Lucifer is an indie two-piece from Amsterdam with an infectious feel good energy. Their live show combines precise pop songs with highly danceable grooves and quirky humor. Even though it’s all played live with just a guitarist and a drummer, the sound of the band is as complete as any. The duo create a continuous flow of energy by interconnecting songs and coming up with fun and inventive ways of involving the crowd with the show. The groove always comes first.


The name Ciao Lucifer comes from the fact that Marnix and Willem deal with hardships through making music. They turn their demons into upbeat and cheerful songs to bring some extra positivity into this world. The darker motives behind the happy vibes never fail to resonate with their very loyal fanbase.

“Because the catchy songs of Ciao Lucifer instantly put you in a good mood.”



“Ciao Lucifer will make you dance.” 

Billboard Indonesia

“Even the soundcheck is a show in and of itself.”



“Ciao Lucifer doesn’t leave the stage until they get the whole room to dance [...] Cultural Highlight of the year” ****


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